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At Site-Security you get a really good solution

Lars-Conny Henningson, Bravida Prenad AB



Ejnr Hessel


The story between Ejner Hessel A / S and SITE-SECURITY started with the sad fact that Ejner Hessel A / S was truly tired of uninvited guests who stole and vandalized their cars. It is now about a year since they started using SITE-SECURITY.


“We were pretty much plagued by thefts and still in the places where we do not have SITE-SECURITY. The thieves seem to be very aware of where there are cameras, so it is an advantage to us that SITE-SECURITY is so visible. Then we have to live with the fact that it is not looking so nice ”, says Morten Christensen, quality manager at Ejner Hessel, with a smile.

Morten finds it difficult to keep the thieves away, as they are cheeky enough to dig under fences and quick to strike in areas that are not monitored. It is primarily wheels and particulate filters from vans that the thieves go after.


"There is generally an awful lot of theft in the car industry. And the worst is next, all the vandalism associated with theft. For example, when wheels are stolen, the car is left on the brake pads, which is destructive. There have been no burglaries where we have SITE-SECURITY installed, but it has been tried a few times. Fortunately, the alarm handlers have responded very quickly, so the thieves have been scared away before they could take anything. I would say that is the great advantage of SITE-SECURITY, their response times are impressive. ” Says Morten and continues:

“We are very happy with SITE-SECURITY, especially in the large squares that are not fenced in. It is a huge advantage that the alarm handlers can assess whether it is a bandit or a customer, the service we do not get elsewhere. I have already recommended SITE-SECURITY to others, and I would love to do it again. ” concludes Morten.



Nellemann A / S had for a long time experienced burglary and vandalism at their departments around the country. The Aarhus department in particular had been hit by burglary.


"We have been very bothered by theft around our cars. Specially on airbags and other expensive parts we have been hit. It was a very boring statistic and an expensive affair for us. Money that I would actually rather spend on our employees ", says CEO of Nellemann A / S, Jørgen Gravgaard.


Jørgen Gravgaard looked for a solution that could solve the problem, and got in touch with SITE-SECURITY, where the overall security package made an impression on the director:


“SITE-SECURITY offered an overall package, and I felt most comfortable with the solution they presented. It was especially the manned alarm centre that constantly sits and keeps an eye on our valuables that weighed heavily in our choice of security. Of course, the price had an impact, but the most important thing is that when we turn the key and go home in the evening, people sit and keep an eye on our values on our site. This means that we can sleep safely at night, ” says Jørgen Gravgaard.


After SITE-SECURITY was installed on the site, not a single thing has been stolen from the area:


“We have not stolen a single thing since we installed SITE-SECURITY. We have been so satisfied with it that we have expanded with a solution in our department in Roskilde. It gives a great sense of security that we can leave the site knowing that there are people sitting and keeping an eye on our values for us ” tells the director.

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With active area security, Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS was able to put an end to the theft of winter-stored caravans.  

In May 2021, Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS had a group of thieves visit for a long time. Unfortunately, the theft went unnoticed. The theft only included internal parts, on the approx. 150 caravans that Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS had stored for their customers for the winter. Only when the caravans were emptied, and the thieves now began to peel off the external values, Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS became aware of the problem.

"The thieves had acquired master keys so they could get in and out unnoticed. Every night they always closed and locked after themselves. Even the hole in the fence was carefully closed together after each visit, says Jesper Behrensdorff, director of Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS. He continues: My feeling is that the thieves were systematically visiting every night. It had to be stopped, of course, and it had to be stopped immediately.

Quick setup

That's why Jesper contacted SITE-SECURITY. Within a short time, SITE-SECURITY had sent Jesper an offer. The next morning, unfortunately, there had been uninvited guests again. Jesper therefore hurried to accept the offer. The system was set up before lunch and fully connected before dawn.

"I'm very impressed  over the professionalism and fast response time that SITE-SECURITY has shown in connection with the setup. We have set up a total of 3 camera masts. Together they monitor 100% of our area."

The working day has become easier

Previously, Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS only had a regular alarm system and "dead" surveillance cameras set up. With active monitoring from SITE-SECURITY, Jesper and his employees no longer have to go in and check the recordings themselves in case of suspected burglary.

"Every night I go to bed, I can safely close my eyes in the knowledge that Site-Security are someone who keeps an eye on Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS. The next morning there is an email to me if anything has happened during the night. So far, however, every email has only concerned me, laughs Jesper, because he sometimes forgot to turn off the system when he had a chore in the company in the evening."


In addition to the actual handling of surveillance cameras, the working day at Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS has also become easier.

"It is often difficult to obtain the spare parts that have been stolen. This makes it time consuming to move on. Tells Jesper and refers to the thefts happened at the most critical time, namely in May when the camping season really starts and people come to pick up their caravan"


Since SITE-SECURITY has started monitoring our areas, we have not had a single burglary. It's really impressive, says Jesper and concludes:

"They have friendly staff who make sure that everything is quickly corrected and completed. We are very satisfied."

Bijé Fritid & Caping


Barslund is a company that is constantly evolving and which is not afraid to use new methods. So when they experienced repeated thefts from their construction site, they wanted more than just setting up a camera.

"We experienced several thefts on the same construction site over a short period of time, and decided to do something about it. We were recommended SITE-SECURITY by a partner and think it was an exciting solution. With SITE-SECURITY, we can actively prevent burglary and theft at our construction site. ” Says Martin Rye Ustrup, Head of Department at Barslund.

Barslund has used SITE-SECURITY's solution for six months, and has now completed the phase of construction where the site has been particularly vulnerable, so SITE-SECURITY has been uninstalled again.

"You can only call it a success, because there has not been a single theft while SITE-SECURITY has been installed. It all worked very professionally, we did not have to take care of anything regarding the installation ", says Martin.

This is not the last time that Barslund will collaborate with SITE-SECURITY.

“There will definitely be other tasks where SITE-SECURITY will be in play again. On large construction sites, there will at times be material that stands on its own, and where it makes very good sense with SITE-SECURITY ”, says Martin. 

When asked whether Barslund will recommend SITE-SECURITY to others, Martin answers:

“I will! Service and product have lived up to expectations and it is as it should be, so I would definitely recommend it. ”

Einar Kornerup


Einar Kornerup A / S currently has approx. 15-20 construction cases in Denmark, and they often experience that there are uninvited guests and things that disappear on their construction sites. "It is not unusual for there to be several thefts on the same construction site", says Simon Astley-Kristensen, construction manager at Einar Kornerup A / S.


Simon was made aware of SITE-SECURITY through a partner, and decided that it might be interesting for him and his colleagues to hear more about what SITE-SECURITY could do to minimize thefts on their construction sites. After a review of the various solutions, Einar Kornerup A / S chose to have the product ONE and OBSERVER installed.


“Once we had decided which solution we should have, the installation went very quickly. We just had to define which areas were to be secured, and then everything was arranged for us, ”says Simon.


It is now 3 months since Einar Kornerup A / S had SITE-SECURITY installed, and in that period there has not been a single theft. “In the beginning, the alarm often went off, but SITE-SECURITY always made people leave the area, without us having to pay for a guard. The last two weeks have been calmer, so the solution works as it should. ”  


Einar Kornerup A / S has decided to use SITE-SECURITY on the construction site throughout the construction period. They also see an opportunity in using the solution in the future in other construction cases, especially in the periods when they are extra vulnerable.


“The solution is very flexible and can be installed quickly, so it is easy for us to secure a new area, even if it is for a shorter period. This is not the last time we collaborate with SITE-SECURITY ”, concludes Simon Astley-Kristensen.


The carpentry & joinery business Hjalmar Hansen has, with the help of Site-Security, completely put an end to theft at their construction site.

Before they had the camera mast "OBSERVER" set up, they had two thefts in 14 days - alone on the same Funen construction site.


During the thefts, a total of more than DKK 150,000 was stolen .

Ole Andersen from Hjalmar Hansen talks about the thefts:

"After 2 weekends of burglary I got enough. It became expensive in both acquisitions and wasted working time. The thieves ran away with everything from roadway covers, electricity and wires to our sheds, concrete formwork and groundwater pump. I dare not even think about how much damage could have happened if the groundwater pump had been stolen during a rainy weekend."


The police could not do anything.

The same was true of the insurance company.

"It was all materials that were placed outdoors on the construction site. That's where most of our values lie."



Zero burglary at the construction site

"Site-Security was quick to set up the fuse. Since then, we have not had a single burglary at this construction site.

Usually we do not use construction site security at all. My experience is that something like construction site fencing hurts more than it benefits. The thieves completely do not care about the construction site fence. In return, it gives us more hassle with cleanup and repair.


With the solution from Site-Security, we have had no trouble. They even stood to set it up and remove it again. The best thing, of course, is that we have not had a single theft while the active surveillance has been running.

The smart system that comes with the fuse has even made my job as a main contractor easier. For example, I have been able to easily follow if my people have arrived earlier and when there are deliveries.

Easier working day

When Ole Andersen has been able to see such things, it is because he receives an e-mail report from Site-Security's security center. The e-mail report is sent together with a short video clip each time the duty center registers activities within the security period.


"I would definitely recommend Site-Security to others. I will also use them again myself.

In fact, I have been so amazed at how effective active surveillance is that in the future I will have it on the offer list."


Hjalmar Hansen is a carpentry and joinery business based in Sønderborg and Aabenraa in southern Jutland.

They offer a wide range of tasks ranging from service and new construction to renovation.

At the construction site mentioned, Hjalmar Hansen was in the process of helping OK with the construction of a laundry hall in Nørre Aaby. A task that they perform all over Denmark for OK.


"Thieves plagued building site lost valuables worth over DKK 150,000"

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