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”After just 14 days on site - container emptied of 500,000”

This Friday, Fredericia Dagblad carried an article about a newly built construction site in Fredericia, which had had its containers broken into and had tools stolen worth up to 500,000 DKK.

This is unfortunately an increasing phenomenon we see on the Danish construction sites.

It is SITE-SECURITY's mission to tackle this growing problem. With our wide range of security solutions within active surveillance, we always keep an eye on our customers' sites at the end of the working day.

Our manned security centre always has an eye on the customer's area within seconds of the camera signalling movement in the secured area.

From there, the guard takes over. We have found that in 98% of cases we can scare the thieves away with lights and sirens before they can break into, for example, a container. In the last 2%, the guard calls the police or a physical guard to the scene.

Break-ins are never fun, and when they happen, it's not just materials that go missing, it's lost work time that causes project schedules to slip. In addition, new tools must be obtained before construction can resume.

If you would also like to avoid theft on your construction site, contact SITE-SECURITY for a no-obligation consultation on how we can tailor a security solution for your project. We operate throughout Denmark and can deliver from day to day.

Contact SITE-SECURITY here:

Phone + 45 88 80 84 48


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