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Burglarized construction site lost over 150,000 DKK worth of valuables.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In two weekends, a construction site in Funen lost over 150,000 DKK worth of assets. The South Jutland contractor, Hjalmar Hansen, had enough and found a new security solution. Since then, there hasn't been a single break-in.

In just 14 days, the carpentry business Hjalmar Hansen was visited by thieves twice. The thefts took place at the same construction site in Nørre Aaby. Here Hjalmar Hansen is building a laundry for OK.

The two thefts cost the construction site more than DKK 150,000 in direct costs.

- After two weekends of burglaries, I had enough. It was expensive in both recoveries and wasted working time. The thieves made off with everything from road covers, electricity and wiring to our shed wagons, concrete formwork and groundwater pump, says Ole Andersen from Hjalmar Hansen. He continues: 'I don't dare think how much damage could have been done if the groundwater pump had been stolen on a rainy weekend.

Hjalmar Hansen could not get help from the Funen police. The company has never been successful with construction site fences either. So Ole had to find a new and better solution himself.

Active surveillance stopped construction site thefts

The choice fell on active surveillance from Site-Security.

Active surveillance is a relatively new and for many still unknown security method for both construction sites and other outdoor areas.

- Immediately after Site-Security installed the red camera masts on our construction site, a live connection was established to their manned security centre. When there was activity on our site at night and at weekends, Site-Security's guards checked the incident and made sure the intruders left the area, Ole says, adding, "Each time I received an email with a short video clip and a description of the incident. Several times it has been about curious Funen residents. But there have also been dark-clad people who were more than just plain curious.

- Fortunately, with each uninvited visit, our security centre manages to get the people to leave the construction site again, says Lasse Østergaard, a security expert at Site-Security. He explains: the guards did this by taking control of the camera mast to check the mast's built-in siren, loudspeaker and powerful lights. Had that not been enough, the guard would have immediately called in the police or a physical guard to catch the thieves in the act.

About Hjalmar Hansen

Hjalmar Hansen is a timber and joinery business based in Sønderborg and Aabenraa in southern Jutland. They offer a wide range of tasks from service and new construction to renovation.

On the construction site in question, Hjalmar Hansen was helping OK with the construction of a laundry hall in Nørre Aaby. A job they do all over Denmark for OK.

Read what Hjalmar Hansen thinks about the security solutio HERE.

About Site-Security

Site-Security is a security company with its own factory, service and security centre in Esbjerg. The company's primary product is camera masts that are rented out on a subscription basis with a connection to the company's own manned guard centre.

On the construction site in question, Site-Security's most popular camera mast, OBSERVER, had been installed.

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