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Fighting construction site thieft

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Unfortunately, construction sites and the like are often easy targets for thieves in search of craftsmen's equipment and tools. The easily marketable tools are hot sellers on auction sites like eBay and are therefore often a profitable and almost risk-free venture for thieves.

The level of security on construction sites is very variable, and both small and large sites are hit by intruders.

Most of the construction sites that have a security solution are mostly passive solutions with a sometimes less preventive effect.

Site-Security wants to put an end to the many construction site thefts, our security models are designed and developed to have both a preventive and proactive effect. One of our latest solutions is active guard rounds via our cameras, where our guard personnel check the construction site at least three times every night for unwanted activity and we thereby pre-empt many thieves.

If the alarm is triggered, within 5 seconds we have established communication with the intruders on site via our smart 2-way communication software, and called the authorities. This means that Site Security has a 100% success rate in securing construction sites to date.

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