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Esbjerg company SITE-SECURITY A/S secures all of Harald Nyborg's fireworks outlets

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

On December 15, this year's sale of fireworks starts, and thus also an obvious opportunity for theft of fast-moving goods. Harald Nyborg, who is one of the major fireworks salesmen, secures outlets all over the country with proactive security and surveillance from Esbjerg's SITE-SECURITY.

With its expertise in proactive security and surveillance solutions, Esbjerg's SITE-SECURITY is an obvious supplier to the many fireworks outlets in Denmark. Most often, it is locations located on the outskirts of cities or in the countryside that are used as sales outlets for the explosive fireworks. These are locations where SITE-SECURITY's expertise in simple, mobile security and monitoring solutions really comes into its own. Harald Nyborg, who is one of the country's major fireworks sellers, caught sight of SITE-SECURITY, and was quickly aware that the Esbjerg company had the perfect solution for monitoring their many points of sale with active surveillance being controlled from the alarm centre in Esbjerg. Lasse Østergaard Jensen, owner of SITE-SECURITY says:

It came as a bit of a surprise when I had Harald Nyborg on the phone, considering their many outlets, I quickly became a little nervous about whether we could deliver on time. With a strong effort from the entire SITE-SECURITY team, we fortunately reached the finish line and now secure Haralds Nyborg's fireworks against theft 24 hours a day.
With Denmark's fastest response times and state-of-the-art equipment, we have not yet experienced theft or vandalism at our hundreds of locations throughout the country and Sweden with our active security system, and I am sure that Harald Nyborg's fireworks are in safe “surveillance hands” at SITE- SECURITY.
It worries me deeply that today we live in a society where we are constantly nervous about thefts of our companies' property, whatever it is fireworks or tools and materials from construction sites, we want to help secure our customers best possible. Several investigations indicate that most thefts occur at night, which is why we at SITE-SECURITY have 24 hours of proactive surveillance from our alarm centre in Esbjerg

  • Efficiency that can be felt ​775 alarms handled by people close to the area

  • 80 notifications

  • 9 burglary attempts

  • 1 arrest of thieves in collaboration with the Police

  • 7 attempts to turn off the power and enter the site

SITE-SECURITY has once again shown its superior strength in efficiency in securing against creative thieves and saved Harald Nyborg from many material damage to storage containers and stolen fireworks. For further information and questions please contact: Lasse Østergaard Jensen, tel. +45 31 61 98 47 Read more about securing and monitoring fireworks outlets HERE >>>

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