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Gone in a split second!

In the middle of the night, our surveillance was activated and the alarm center was alerted at a customer's construction site in Central Jutland.

Two thieves drove up and went straight for a container on the construction site. They quickly tried to break into the container and didn't even notice our watchtower.

The thieves were so shocked when our alarm center turned on the warning flashes and sirens on the unit that they flew up and rushed to their car and drove away from the site.

Thanks to our safety technology, the container and equipment were safe and intact, and the customer avoided having to show up to a site without equipment the next morning.

Theft on construction sites has almost become more the norm than the exception. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a security solution made for the site and the assets.

At SITE-SECURITY, we have a wide range of different security solutions for construction sites, areas, etc. This allows us to create a customized solution that covers your needs for the case in question.

Contact SITE-SECURITY and get a non-binding talk about how we can tailor a security solution for your project. We operate throughout Denmark and can deliver from day to day.

Contact SITE-SECURITY here:

👉Phone + 45 88 80 84 48


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