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New machine guarding product solves huge problem in construction industry

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Theft and vandalism of machinery is a major problem in the construction industry. A Danish company is now ready with a new machine security product that solves the problem.

The security company SITE-SECURITY has just launched the product MACHINE GUARD. The product is mounted directly on the individual machines where it ensures to stop intruders when they approach the individual machine. In this way, diesel theft, vandalism and theft of expensive equipment such as machine control systems can be completely avoided.

In practice, MACHINE GUARD consists of two sensors, one Full HD surveillance camera, siren, warning flash and GPS transmitter.

The unit is connected via a live link to SITE-SECURITY's manned security centre. When the equipment detects intruders around the machine, it notifies the guard centre. Then a guard immediately checks the incident through the mounted camera. The guard can also switch on the siren and warning flashers.

SITE-SECURITY's experience is that this is usually enough to make intruders disappear again. However, in the less than 1% of cases where this is not enough, the security centre will send guards or the police to the place where the GPS transmitter indicates that the machine is located.

The connection between the hardware and the security centre is known as "active surveillance".

How the machine security from SITE-SECURITY works

  1. Sensor detects activity around the machine. The sensor sends a message to the camera.

  2. The camera is switched on. Detection software evaluates whether there is human intrusion.

  3. Camera sends message to SITE-SECURITY's manned security centre

  4. The guard takes control of the MACHINE GUARD. First, the guard checks the event on the camera and evaluates the threat.

  5. The guard can now use warning flashes and sirens to scare the person away

  6. If the person does not leave the machine, the guard immediately checks the GPS coordinates and calls a physical guard or the police to the scene

The customer loves the new machine security

Over the past months, the product has been thoroughly tested and further developed together with Frank Odsinger from Odsinger Maskinservice. Frank has no doubts about what he thinks of the product:

SITE-SECURITY can solve problems really well. Just the fact that the system is mounted onto the machine scares people away. I would definitely recommend others in the industry to use it says Frank Odsinger from Odsinger Maskinservice.


From its factory, office and control centre in Esbjerg, SITE-SECURITY now has more than 12 different types of active monitoring products. All devices are connected to the company's own manned control centre.

SITE-SECURITY is specialized in securing, primarily construction sites, against theft and vandalism. However, with subscribers all over the country, other industries also use the system to avoid visits by intruders.

All products are developed by the company's founder, Lasse Østergaard-Jensen.

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