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Businesses have a responsibility to prevent burglary

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Businesses can easily do a lot to prevent burglaries themselves with a good routine at the end of the day. In the vast majority of cases, it is easier to prevent a burglary than to solve it.

Businesses that have been burgled know that it is rare for the stolen goods to return. And even if they do, it has already cost the company dearly in delays, wasted man-hours and perhaps even lost cases.

Simple routine discourages theft

It's especially just before the end of the day that businesses need to take action to reduce the number of overnight intruders on site.

It's a good idea to have a routine in place before the break, says security expert Lasse Østergaard-Jensen from SITE-SECURITY.

Specifically, the company may have a checklist that employees must follow before going home. It can also be beneficial to appoint a security officer, suggests Lasse, adding: this way, valuable items are taken care of out of the way. That everything is locked and that the security cameras have a clear view.

Theft can be prevented without extra work

A four-hour routine doesn't have to be a time-waster. When tools are collected before the break, it saves employees time the following morning. They don't have to waste time finding the drill in one place and looking for the screws in another. Many holiday routines can be carried out naturally while the employee is leaving the site. On the way out, closing and locking up can be made a routine.

If the company still wants to ease the workload with a holiday routine, or get rid of it altogether, they can hire a company to do it for them.

Companies like SITE-SECURITY are specialists in this.

Once we have set up active perimeter security cameras at our customers' premises, we can use them for more than just keeping an eye out for intruders throughout the night. With "Virtual Guarding" we help with four-hour routines. For example, checking if everything is placed in the right places, if the area is cleaned up, checking that the fence is intact and much more says Lasse from SITE-SECURITY.


SITE-SECURITY is a nationwide security company that rents out active surveillance devices on a subscription basis. The monitoring is always connected to SITE-SECURITY's own manned control centre.

SITE-SECURITY is a Danish company that manufactures and services its own products from its factory in Esbjerg. The products are connected to the company's own software system.

Suggestions for a routine

SITE-SECURITY has prepared a "Checklist for the closing time" which is freely available to everyone by clicking HERE (danish version).

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