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See how our surveillance can prevent crime!

One of our customers had a visitor on their construction site in Copenhagen in the middle of the night. 2 people had entered the customer's construction site and were very interested in one of their machines.

But thanks to our active surveillance and manned call center, we were able to scare the thieves away with sirens and lights.

Unfortunately, construction site theft is becoming more widespread in Denmark. And every year, materials, tools and other items worth millions of euros disappear.

At SITE-SECURITY, we find that you can scare away thieves in 99.4 of all cases by using light and sound.

In this way, the thieves never get to the valuables and in this way, we save our customers a lot of money and wasted time reporting to insurance, police, etc.

If you also want to avoid theft on your construction site, contact SITE-SECURITY and have a non-binding conversation about how we can tailor a security solution for your project. We operate throughout Denmark and can deliver from day to day.

Contact SITE-SECURITY here:

👉Tel + 45 88 80 84 48


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