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We are expanding to Norway!🇳🇴

We have gone with a secret that we can now finally tell. Site-Security's products enter the Norwegian market.

In collaboration with CRI Respons AS as a distributor in Norway, we can now finally meet the demand of our neighbors in the north.

Last week we had a visit from CRI Respons AS in Esbjerg for training in the use of our products.

We are very pleased to be able to help secure customers' values in several countries. CRI Respons AS itself says about the new collaboration:

We are proud to be Site-Security's partner in Norway and thank you for your trust and look forward to seeing what the future holds for us at CRI Respons.
As a supplier of risk, security and monitoring solutions/services for companies, Site-Security's mobile solution fits well into and complements our product portfolio.
Looking forward to a good collaboration and looking forward to presenting the solution to the Norwegian market and especially to companies that are exposed to theft and vandalism.

In need to have secured your building site, areas or other valuables in Norway, then contact CRI Respons AS.

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