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We will be CO2 neutral

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

At Site-Security, we take our shared responsibility for the planet seriously. Our CEO Lasse Østergaard Jensen says:

"The time has come for action, we as business owners need to take climate change seriously and act now. We can't wait for governments and the market to be ready for renewable green energy, the transition is simply too slow and the solutions presented won't change much anyway.

The time has therefore come for us to take matters into our own hands, at Site-Security we will lead the way for other companies. We want to help change attitudes among our partners and throughout the industry."

Concrete actions from Site-Security

We challenge the industry and the market on many points, but to emphasise that we take our responsibility seriously, we have added a CO2 fee to our invoices. It may sound a bit cheeky, but in concrete terms we will use the revenue from the fee to invest in sustainable solutions and models, as well as invest in renewable energy and green solutions.

On our carbon neutral page you can read more about our concrete actions and how we use for example scrap iron and metal in our production.

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