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Tank protection against diesel theft

Stop the theft of your diesel with effective tank protection.

With active monitoring from Site-Security, your vehicles and stationary tanks with diesel are never unattended.  

By setting up a Site-Security camera mast with 360 ° view, everything in the area is secured.


Thus, your tank protection against diesel theft also works as protection of eg machines with GPS equipment, materials and tools.

Get your price on tank protection within 2 hours

Therefore, you should choose Site-Security for tank safe of your diesel against theft

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Effective tank protection - like that!

All camera masts from Site-Security are connected to a live connection to Site-Security's own manned security center.

The camera mast detects unwanted activity in the area.  The guard can then take control of the camera mast.  Through the mast, the guard will call the person, turn on the siren and strong LED light.

In the less than 1% of cases where this does not make the person leave the area, our call center will immediately call the police or a physical guard. 

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All-inclusive tank protection

You get our tank protection as an all-inclusive subscription.

The subscription includes:

  • Rental of camera mast for protection against theft and vandalism

  • Live connection to our manned call center

  • Unlimited processing of alarms

  • Customer portal for easy administration and documentation

  • Immediate response to alarms from the control center

Suggested products for tank protection

tanksikring dieseltyveri


SITE-SECURITY OBSERVER is our most commonly used monitoring unit for outdoor area security.


The unit is fixed to the individual machine. The device secures the individual vehicle. With the built-in GPS transmitter, on the other hand, there is no problem with the device changing its location daily.

The device uses the machine's own battery.

tanksikring mod diesel tyveri.jpg

P. Olesen & Sønner A / S 
recommends SITE-SECURITY as a hedge


We wanted a solution where we could monitor our machines in a local area. We wanted to prevent any problems, and over the last 14 days some alarms have gone off, but nothing has been stolen yet. So it works as it should.


Kenneth Olesen, Business Manager

P. Olesen og Sønner A / S



Have a free and completely non-binding advisory call about your need for tank security. We will call you within 2 hours and can deliver within 24 hours.

If you have other questions, you are also welcome to contact us.

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