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Construction site security

The security solution of the future  uses data actively

At Site-Security, we develop and build some of the most advanced security systems on the market, including construction site security systems.
Here, image analysis is combined with artificial intelligence and chip marking in advanced software that gives customers a security overview and reduces the chances of theft and wastage.


Most security technology on construction sites has only one purpose; to secure against theft. But technologies such as video surveillance, chip marking of tools and materials, as well as access control provide a lot of data about the construction site that  can increase safety efficiency and also raise construction site safety in other ways. This is the starting point for us at Site-Security  and therefore we deliver   total security solutions, such as our new De-Fence Systems solution, which  combines access control,  fence,  chip labeling and asset management in a single solution. 
Our primary product are still mobile, interactive video surveillance towers that can be used flexibly on construction sites.

Get control of staff and assets with construction site security

But it is not enough to monitor a place, no matter how intelligently you do it. The first step in securing a construction site is about securing the external framework. The second step is to make sure that you always know where tools and materials are on the construction site.


Site-Security's De-Fence Systems ensures all this with a combination of chip marking of tools, machines and materials, access cards
with chip and special fences and gate solutions. On the same time, scanners set up in the area ensure that the construction manager can always see where the personnel, tools and equipment are located.

We create an area where everything is in order. And it provides both some security gains, because one e.g. can not remove a tool from the construction site  without giving an alarm, but it also gives the opportunity to optimize e.g.

The case article below was first published in the magazine  "Construction site security"  published by Nordjyske Medier

“Basically, we work  with the same physical elements as everyone else. The difference is that we are also a software company. We develop advanced and efficient tools that use the data that our customers receive to create more efficient solutions that give customers value in addition to the pure securing of the spaces, ” says Lasse Østergaard-Jensen, director of Site-Security.

This means that companies e.g. able to use the camera surveillance that is still in place to ensure that their security procedures are followed. This is done by analyzing video data with artificial intelligence, so that you can see, among other things, whether the employees are wearing the correct safety equipment in the areas where it is required, such as a helmet or fall protection.
“We work with video input as data, instead of just seeing it as documentation. And because we are a software company, we have
also developed good and intuitive tools, so it is easy for customers to use the solutions, ”
says Lasse Østergaard-Jensen.

Porte til byggeplads adgangskontrol.jpg

"Timesheets and crew safety, because you can always know who is at work and in which area they are," says Lasse Øster-gaard-Jensen.

With the scanners, De-Fence Systems collects data that construction management can use to optimize the workflow on site. The system is based on a simple web-based customer portal and thus tags for access control - the individual tags are easily coded by the construction management in the customer portal.
“The De-Fence Systems system differs from other electronic access control systems in that it is scalable and can be integrated with surveillance. It is therefore the ideal solution for construction sites and workplaces that require maximum safety and monitoring, ” says Lasse Østergaard-Jensen.

Intelligent video surveillance ensures top-class construction site security

The security solutions from Site-Security are all mobile devices that can be easily moved from construction site to construction site. The mobile platforms were initially developed by Lasse Østergaard Jensen, because he saw a need for a mobile security solution that also had several options for responding to burglary.
I could see the potential in combining video with the ability to communicate with intruders on site, and put extra light on. So I developed my own solution with a mast on a trailer, and a security setup based on both software solutions and a manned alarm centre, ”says Lasse Østergaard Jensen.
The solution has since been supplemented with models in different sizes and with equipment to monitor construction sites for fire, as well as  power supplies with solar cells have been added. But it  quite big goal has always been to use software to get 

the most of the data that the cameras record - and present it in a way that is convenient for customers.
“Our customers can easily do timelapse review of e.g. a 24-hour surveillance and we have the opportunity to program various forms of artificial intelligence into our video analysis, so that e.g. gets an alarm if there is a person in the square who is not wearing a helmet. This is where we differ significantly from the rest of the security industry, ”says Lasse Østergaard-Jensen.
The development and experience of renting out the mobile camera devices is the basis for the other leg of Site-Security's security solutions, De-Fence Systems ,  as previously described  a system that  secures the company's assets on the site and at the same time secures the external framework of the construction site.

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