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Construction site guard

Construction site guard to secure any construction site

To secure your construction site, the construction site guard is important to prevent theft and vandalism. The construction site guard can also help you take care of the safety of your construction site. Our guards can even help you reduce wastage. We also offer construction site guards who perform important service functions for you.

At Site-Security, we therefore offer you several types of construction site guards.

Our types of construction site guards can be divided into two categories:


All construction site guards from Site-Security are of course professional and trained guards.

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Construction site guard from manned guard center

With camera masts, we have made the traditional physical guard virtual. This means that our guards monitor your construction site via cameras from our manned security center.


This is an extremely affordable alternative to the traditional physical guard. Our experience is even that this type of guard is also more effective. The reason is that the construction site guard from the manned guard center can monitor your entire construction site at the same time. This gives you full security of your construction site within the entire security period. Traditional construction site guards

Alarm guard

When our cameras detect people and vehicles in the square after dawn, our security center receives a notification. Within seconds, the guard checks the incident on the camera. From the call center, the guard can  invoke the uninvited guests, turn on sirens and trigger fog protection. This is in 99% of cases enough to they

uninvited guests leave the area. If this does not happen within a few seconds, the guard will call a physical guard

or the police.

Virtual guard rounding

Several times during the night, our call center does a review of your construction site and the surrounding area. That way we can react and get in touch with the uninvited guests even before they are in your area. By using the proactive features of our solution, we scare the thieves away before they have a chance to destroy your valuables.

Closing round

In connection with your evening, we make a closing round via camera. Here we can e.g. check if all doors are closed, machines and lights are off and that everyone is leaving the area. We can also ensure that there is safe passage through the exits.


  • Cheaper than regular construction site guard

  • The area is constantly monitored within the security period

  • Rarely necessary to call a physical guard

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Get your price on construction site guard within 2 hours

Contact us today and we will tailor a solution with guards that match your construction site.

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Physical construction site guard

With our construction site guard, you get a steady team of physical guards. The guards are physically present at your construction site where they help you deal with security. Site-Security's physical construction site guard is a good help for you who have a lot of inbound and outbound traffic from the construction site and in places where security is paramount.


Many of our customers choose to use DE-FENCE SYSTEM together with our physical construction site guard.

Access control of the construction site

Site-Security's construction site guard is responsible for issuing access cards, RFID tags and registering approved number plates. Should persons and vehicles be denied access, the guard will also take care of it. The guard can also make sure that

you will be notified in case of certain situations. For example, if a dismissed employee tries to come in - or just if a guest has arrived for the meeting with you.

Gate and boom at the construction site

When a vehicle arrives or leaves your construction site, our construction site guard checks your gate or boom via camera. If the vehicle does not have an access tag in the window or is registered on the license plate scanner, the guard can use two-way communication to talk to the driver behind the wheel. The guard then decides whether the vehicle should be locked in and notes the errand.

Construction site guard with service function

Site-Security's construction site guard can help you with various chores. A typical example of this is to receive and register the construction site's guests, after which they will be given the required safety equipment.

Video guard

Our physical guard can perform the same tasks as "Construction site guard from manned guard center". You can also send our physical construction site guard home after dawn and let our manned guard center take over the surveillance during the night.

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Get a free and completely non-binding advisory call about your need for a construction site guard. We will call you within 2 hours and can deliver within 24 hours.

If you have other questions, you are also welcome to contact us.

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