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Easy access with our App

Access via our App

With a solution from SITE-SECURITY you can follow events in your monitored areas wherever you are, with our App it only requires a mobile phone and mobile internet (minimum 3g), then you are online.

Site-secirity app adminstration.png

Control everything through the App

Everything can be controlled through our App (iOS and Android),
including some of the cool features:

  • Live streaming. no matter where you are

  • Playback of monitoring material

  • Employee administration

  • Online calendar function

  • Location-based arm and disarm

  • Automatic arm and disarm

  • Clear event log

  • and much much more

Contact SITE-SECURITY for a demo of our security solutions and App.

REACH Out for more info

We would love to hear from you

Do you have a question for SITE-SECURITY or do you want a demo of our security solutions and app?

Then contact us at: 


Setup as app

You have access to the customer portal via mobile, tablet and smartphone.  To access your customer portal, open the website: . Here you log in with your username and password.

If you want to use the customer portal as an app, you can easily add it as an icon on your screen.


You therefore do not have to install an app that takes up space on your mobile / tablet / PC.

Link Home screen to Web app:

Setup on iPhone and iPad

In the video you can see how you can easily set up your customer portal as an app on your iPhone and iPad

Home Screen & Website Link

Home Screen & Website Link

Play Video
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