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Site security on the road to CO2 neutrality

- It's time to act


Towards CO2 neutrality

At Site-Security, we work ambitiously and purposefully towards a greener and cleaner future.  

To start with, our goal is CO2 neutrality by 2030 - an ambitious goal that we can only achieve in interaction with our employees and customers and a strong focus on green energy and sustainable material choices in production.  


What have we done?

  • Ours  Zero model,  designed for surveillance in the remote places without any power running already now at 100% green energy with strong solar panels and a  wind turbine for power production.

  • Our Solar model, is the safe solution for large areas without power, running on solar energy via powerful solar panels. However, with a diesel generator as backup.

  • Our Hybrid Generator, the perfect all-in-one unit for construction sites, runs on solar energy as well as backup batteries and is equipped with a new diesel generator that emits 80% less CO2.

  • Installation of solar cells at the company's domicile who alone produces all the electricity we use for operation at night and a large part of the production  at Smedevej 2 in Esbjerg, the goal is for us to be 100% self-driving and new photovoltaic systems are on the way.

  • Choice of  environmentally friendly hybrid cars / electric cars  when this is possible, unfortunately our driving needs are still too great and the wait too long for 100% electric cars.

  • Waste sorting, we of course sort all our waste and recycle as much as possible in our production. In addition, we collect large amounts of waste together, read more about this below. 

  • Co2 fee. We have imposed a CO2 fee of DKK 150 per invoice on our invoices. This is to promote the development of sustainable solutions and models and invest in renewable energy and green solutions.


ZERO - 100% green monitoring device from Site-Security

site-security miljø.jpg

We must act now, in 20 years it will be too late

The time has come for action, we as business owners need to take climate change seriously and act now. We cannot wait for governments and the market to be ready for renewable green energy, the transition is simply too slow and the solutions presented do not change much.  

It is therefore time for us to take matters into our own hands, at Site-Security we will take the lead and show the way for other companies. We want to help create attitude changes in our partners and throughout the industry. 

We recycle

At Site-Security, we work purposefully with recycling. We collect iron, electronics and plastics for recycling in our production. Our skilled and creative team of employees is constantly getting new ideas for how we utilize and recycle the materials we receive, including a few examples.  

Recycling of electronics:  We recycle wires, batteries and other small electronics in our production as much as we can. Our technicians are constantly inventing new creative solutions.  

Recycling of iron and metal:  We recycle our products and iron as often as possible  almost all have an amount of recycled iron or metal in them.  

Recycling of plastic:  Plastic is recycled in many places in our production, primarily for various stickers, signs and internal elements in our models.  

In addition, we plan to collect rainwater as  used for washing our cars. 

SITE-SECURITY Affaldsotering.jpg

SITE-SECURITY waste sorting

Tesla til kundekørsel.jpg

Environmentally friendly elextric cars are the way forward

At Site-Security, we are committed to prioritizing environmentally friendly solutions in our daily operations. We are proud to use Teslas for our customer transport, which allows us to significantly reduce our environmental footprint.

By choosing electric cars, we benefit from several environmental advantages, including reduced CO2 emissions, less air pollution, and contributions to preserving natural resources. These sustainable choices are a central part of our efforts to promote a greener future while maintaining our security standards and customer satisfaction

Hybrid Generator

News: 80% reduction in diesel & Co2 - save up to 6,700 euros. per month with the Hybrid Generator

At Site-Security, we are constantly pushing forward. Our latest step towards becoming CO2-neutral is the revolutionary Hybrid Generator, which takes the best from all our environmentally friendly units and combines them into one - with some new features as well

The revolutionary generator:  A combination of batteries and a fuel engine minimizes CO2 emissions by up to 85% and significantly reduces noise levels. The generator is also fuel-efficient and can further reduce diesel consumption by up to 85%

Solar module:  It is possible to connect the Hybrid Generator to our Solar Power Station and generate clean and sustainable energy while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases.

Large battery packs:  With a focus on efficiency, we have included a 50KW battery pack in the system, allowing the generator to store excess energy for later use. The battery pack acts as a buffer between the generator and the electrical load.

In addition, the Hybrid Generator is mounted on a trailer, making it highly mobile and easy to move as needed.

Hybrid Generator - Sænket.heic

SITE-SECURITY waste sorting

Innovative energy solutions for our units

Solar panels & Solar modules

Our investment in solar panels and solar modules is crucial for our sustainable future. These technologies enable a significant reduction in CO2 emissions by harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable energy. By transitioning to solar energy, we replace traditional generators, which not only contributes to the fight against climate change but also results in long-term cost savings.

This innovative approach demonstrates our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact while ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply for our devices. Examples of devices with solar panels include Solar and Zero. All our devices can be connected to a Solar Power Station to run on green energy.

Back-up Battery Packs

Our devices prioritize not only security but also environmental friendliness. With our built-in back-up battery packs, offering either 12 or 24 hours of backup power, we ensure not only uninterrupted operation during power outages but also reduce our environmental footprint. By integrating these battery packs into our security systems, we minimize the need for traditional power sources, which are often based on fossil fuels.

We store excess energy from solar panels and possibly generators in our battery packs, further reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to a greener future. When you choose SITE-SECURITY, you're not just choosing security but also a greener approach to protecting your properties and the environment.

site-security co2 miljø (2).jpg


With solar cells on the roof and connection to the SOLAR POWER STATION, we supply our domicile in Esbjerg with solar energy.

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