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Electronic  access control for work- and construction sites

DE-FENCE SYSTEMS mobile access control system, has been developed to counteract theft and waste - especially on construction sites, but also on other types of workplaces. This is done by access control and by collecting data on employees and assets in the area. Data that is also necessary in relation to the increasing requirements for documentation from certifications and legislation. 
DE-FENCE SYSTEMS are automatic gate solutions, controlled by personal access cards with long-range RDIF tags, RFID scanners on site and a well-designed and advanced customer portal from which all functions can be controlled. 

Byggeplads adgangskontrol karrussel
Adgangskontrol til byggepladser

We work with known safety components; video surveillance, chip marking and fencing and access control. The difference is that we are a software company too. We have developed advanced, practical and  efficient functions that help our customers to prevent waste and create a more efficient construction site organization" 

Lasse Østergaard-Jensen

Director Site-Security


1. Gate and fence

To be able to check who is on e.g. a construction site, you first of all need an acces control system. There must be a fence and a gate: These are the first elements of DE-FENCE SYSTEMS that always contain at least one gate and require a fence. The gates in DE-FENCE SYSTEMS are available in different variants, but they are always  automatic and controlled using long-range RFID tags. 

Porte til adgangskontrol på byggepladser
DE-FENCE System 04.jpg

2. Carousel

The carousel works automatically, ensuring that only one employee can enter or leave the construction site at a time. 

The carousel works either via tags that can be pre-programmed based on specific settings on the individual employee. These can be time indications or access levels. 

The carousel can of course also be programmed for guest cards, all in all it is only the imagination that sets the limits for the possibilities with our carousel.  

3. RFID tags, access cards and scanners

RFID tags and scanners are the second key element of the DE-FENCE SYSTEMS solution. RFID tags are used in the access cards that provide automatic access to the slot, and they can be put on tools and machines so that they trigger a message if they are removed from the slot. The access card - which of course is delivered in your company's design - is read not only at the entrance, but also by (minimum two) scanners set up on the site, which helps to ensure a much better overview of the movements on the construction site. 

SS Mockups 21-01_edited.jpg

4. Customer portal

The customer portal is the control system for - and the heart of - DE-FENCE SYSTEMS. This is where you manage the solution and can pull  different types of reports (link to list of ex. on reports), e.g. about who has been on site on a daily or weekly basis. It is all controlled from the customer portal. From here, access cards are programmed for the employees who must have access, and this is also where you program the individual tags with rules for access (link to content about rules).


The customer portal works both on your mobile phone and on the computer and is of course integrated with Site-Security's camera solutions, so you only have one app to manage all your security solutions. We are constantly evolving on the customer portal and have just introduced a voice-controlled intelligent assistant on the system. So you can use your own voice to ask questions to the system, e.g. "Who's on the construction site right now?"  


DE-FENCE SYSTEMS uses the same customer portal that is used to manage Site-Security's other surveillance and alarm products. It allows for the creation of a strong, integrated solution where access control, monitoring and data merge into a higher entity.  Contact us here if you have particularly complex needs for your security solution.  

License plate scanner


the customer portal, you can assign and remove access to specific number plates. You can also create actions. For example, refuse to let the door open for the car at the same time as notifying the management.

nummerplade scanner site security.JPEG

DE-FENCE Systems solves all our needs for access control

Talk to our sales team about what DE-FENCE-SYSTEMS can do for you

Grows with the task - in collaboration with the customer


DE-FENCE SYSTEMS are fully scalable; one can keep setting up scanners and covering any area. But the system can also grow in complexity: the customer portal is already prepared to handle a large number of specific rules and roles for the movement on the construction site. It is e.g. possible to give an external employee access to parts of the construction site, but not to others. In the same way, the portal is also ready to handle data from branded tools and machines, so you e.g. can ensure that machines or tools remain in the same zone on the construction site, or reminds you when the tool needs service for a certification. All our solutions are developed in collaboration with our customers and tested in the real world.

site-security sikre overvågning med smart system.jpg

Data creates new opportunities  


DE FENCE SYSTEMS more than a solution that secures the construction site. It is also a system for collecting and managing active data on employees and possibly assets on the construction site - and a number of powerful and practical features so that your company can benefit from your data. It is not a journey that has ended yet, for the possibilities are enormous. That is why we - in collaboration with our customers - are constantly developing new functions to make your data create value for your company. 

How to access tags


All tags can be made individual with company, employee, number plate, machine name / no. and it is possible to determine time periods for access to the site. The individual tags can also be coded to perform different actions (open gate / send message for approval) and grouped - if, for example, there are several employees from a supplier who must have the same rights.


Examples of permits on cards are: 

  • Unlimited access 

  • Day pass - usable for unlimited entry and exit on a given day 

  • Access to the square during opening hours


Tags on machines and tools can be provided with an exit ban card so that they are registered at the gate. The door can only be opened once you have given permission for the tool to leave the construction site. 

SS Mockup Imac 21-01.png

Examples of activity reports in the customer portal

  • Who has been on the construction site - When the day / week / month is over, it will be possible to receive an overview of who has been there.  

  • How long have they been on the construction site - Upon request, the construction management can receive a report on a specific grouping's activity on the construction site. When did the individual check in and leave the area again. This will allow management to check suppliers' worksheets.




Scanner til adgangskontro

The scanners




Customer portal

DE-FENCE  the system differs from other electronic access control systems in that it is scalable and can be integrated with surveillance. It is therefore the ideal solution for construction sites and workplaces that require maximum safety and security. 
Via scanners, DE-FENCE collects  the system data that construction management can use to optimize the workflow on the site. The system is based on a simple web-based customer portal and access control tags -  the individual tags are easily coded by the construction management in the customer portal.

Construction site fence for access control

DE-FENCE SYSTEM requires construction site fencing. You can use your existing fence, or you can rent a fence from us.  

If you do not need the entire DE-FENCE SYSTEM for your access control, you can still rent construction site fences from us.

Adgangskontrol med byggepladshegn.jpg
adgangskontrol med byggepladsvagt.jpg

Get control of the access control with a construction site guard

DE-FENCE SYSTEM does not necessarily require a construction site guard. You can easily manage the entire access control yourself.

Through Site-Security, however, you can also see a construction site guard who is an expert in managing the system. The construction site guard can also help you with a number of other important security measures within access control.


Hear more about our DE-FENCE SYSTEM, find a solution for your needs  and secure your construction / work site.

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