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The leading mobile security provider in the Nordic Region

SITE-SECURITY A/S stands out significantly from competitors and is proud to be the largest supplier of mobile security in the Nordics. Our unique position in the industry is built on a range of fundamental strengths and unique service attributes, which together define our strong brand.

In-house production

We handle the in-house production of security equipment, giving us full control over both quality and innovation. This ensures that we can constantly offer the latest and most effective security solutions on the market, tailored to our customers' specific needs

In-house software development

Our dedicated team of software developers continuously works on enhancing and customizing our security systems. By developing our own software internally, we can swiftly implement new technologies and features that maximize security and user-friendliness for our customers.

SITE-SECURITYs egen produktion i Danmark
Opkoblet overvågning.JPG

In-house alarm center

With an internal alarm center, we guarantee a prompt and effective response to security incidents 24/7. Our specially trained security personnel are always ready to handle alarms and ensure that each incident is treated with the highest priority and professionalism.

Full Transparency and Detailed Reporting

We are committed to full transparency in our operations. Our customers receive detailed reports and analyses that not only describe incidents and interventions but also provide insight into potential risk mitigation and prevention. This level of transparency ensures that our customers are always informed and can make decisions based on reliable data.

Security beyond the standard

At SITE-SECURITY A/S, we are dedicated to providing a service that goes beyond the ordinary, supporting our customers' needs for security and peace of mind with the most advanced and effective solutions. Our holistic approach to mobile security and our ability to integrate technology, human resources, and strong customer partnerships make us the preferred security partner in the Nordics.

Ready to strengthen your security? Contact us today to learn how we can help enhance your security.

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Customer cases and examples of solutions

We have gathered a number  examples of how we have solved tasks for several of our customers during their security period. Here you will be inspired to see opportunities for solutions from a different angle than the industry has traditionally done. 

At SITE-SECURITY, our position is that there is a solution to all security monitoring challenges. Find your inspiration here - remember to contact us with questions and a non-committal conversation. 

"We've had lots of succes wit SITE-SECURITY. There has not been a single theft on site, after it was installed. The staff was very professional, and we didn't have to deal with anything regarding installation. There will definitely be more tasks, where SITE-SECURITY will be needed "

Martin Rye Ustrup, Head of Department
Barslund A / S


"We wanted a solution where we could monitor our machines in a local area. We wanted to prevent any problems, and over the last 14 days there have been some alarms, but nothing has been stolen yet. So it works as it should. "

Kenneth Olesen, Business Manager
P. Olesen & Sønner A / S

"After we installed SITE-SECURITY, there has not been a single theft. The solution is very flexible and can be installed quickly, so it is easy for us to secure a new area, even if it is for a shorter period. 
This is not the last time we work with

Simon Astley-Kristensen, Construction Manager
Einar Kornerup A / S

A selection of our customers

We have already helped a number of Danish companies with area security. Here is a selection:

Esbjerg Planteskole logo.png
Learn more

We would love to hear from you

Do you have a question for SITE-SECURITY or do you want to hear more about our products? Please contact us at: 


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