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Why processing time of alarms is the most important thing in mobile camera security solutions

With the increase in the number of thefts and break-ins in both private homes and businesses, it has become more and more important to have a reliable security solution. Mobile camera security solutions have been one of the most popular solutions in recent years due to their flexibility and enhanced features. But have you ever thought why alarm processing time is so important in these security solutions? In this blog we will discuss why the processing time of the alarm is of crucial importance for mobile camera security solutions and how it can help prevent theft and break-ins.

Firstly, what is the processing time of an alarm? Processing time refers to the time it takes for the security system to send an alarm to an operator after detecting an event. The sooner the alarm is dealt with, the greater the chance that the burglar will be caught and the damage will be limited. Mobile camera security solutions are designed to provide real-time notification of any activity taking place in the monitored area. The processing time of the alarm in this system is crucial to achieve effective protection.

See an example of how the processing time is too long here and thieves manage to empty a container for DKK 250,000< /u>

Why choose SITE-SECURITY over others?

At SITE-SECURITY we have documented processing times that the customer has access to via our online portal. Read more about documented processing time here

Second, why is the processing time of the alarm so important in mobile camera security solutions? With a quick turnaround time, the operator can immediately take the necessary steps to deal with the incident and prevent or minimize any damage. With mobile camera security solutions, you can immediately be notified of any activity in the area in question and monitor it in real time. A quick processing time can help stop the thief and limit any damage.

At SITE-SECURITY you get a daily report with report and video clip of all alarms we process. Daily report is included in the solution to ensure that the customer is always informed.Read more about SITE-SECURITY daily report here< /a>

Third, how can a fast alarm processing time improve the effectiveness of mobile camera security solutions? The fast processing time allows for an immediate response from the operator and the system will be activated immediately to protect the area in question. In addition, most mobile security systems can also provide an alert that is automatically sent to other employees to inform them of the situation and take appropriate action.

SITE-SECURITY has lightning-fast and documented processing times which are part of our idea of being transparent towards the customer, read more about them here

Fourth, can a mobile camera security solution help prevent burglary or theft? Yes, it can. With a fast processing time, the system can be immediately activated and inform the operator of the event in question. The operator can monitor the situation in real time and take the appropriate steps to stop the thief. A quick processing time will also prevent any attempt to return to the same location again due to increased surveillance and the risk of being caught.

Conclusion: Make demands on your mobile camera security supplier.

The processing time of alarms is a decisive factor in mobile camera security systems. It allows for a quick and efficient response to any incident and helps prevent theft and break-ins. If you use a mobile camera security solution, it is important to have an alarm with a fast processing time to increase the protection of your home or business. Make sure you choose a security solution that offers fast alert processing to achieve the required protection that is important to protect your home or business.


SITE-SECURITY is Denmark's largest supplier and processes over 50,000 alarms every month. Contact us today to get an offer for a solution with documented alarm processing times

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