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Problem solved: No more vandalism on building ready for demolition

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

After repeated vandalism at the closed Brorson School in Varde, the municipality will now stop the intruders with active surveillance from SITE-SECURITY.

After the closed Broson School in Varde town has once again been subjected to vandalism, it became too much for Varde Municipality. Now District Coordinator Henning Lindenberg is taking new methods to deal with the problem. The solution is called "active surveillance" and is a combination of surveillance cameras and security guards linked with smart technology

Henning found the solution in neighbouring Esbjerg, where the security company SITE-SECURITY is based.

Henning Lindenberg from Varde Municipality's property service looks at the sad remains of the weekend's vandalism.

The police had told me that it would be a good idea to have both fencing and surveillance on site. At the same time, an employee from Property Services told me about SITE-SECURITY, says Henning Lindenberg from Varde Municipality. He adds: "That's why the schoolyard is now fenced off and a camera mast is installed.

Smart technology to stop vandalism

The camera mast is connected to a live link to SITE-SECURITY's manned guard centre. When people move into the secured area, the control centre is alerted. A guard will then check the cameras. The guard can take control of the mast and use its functions to alert the persons, turn on the siren and flash the LED.

In the schoolyard of the old Brorson School, Varde Municipality has now installed the camera mast OBSERVER. It is connected with a live link to Site-Security's manned guard centre.

Such warnings are usually enough to make intruders leave an area. In the less than 1% of cases where this is not enough, our control centre will immediately call the police or a physical guard to the area says Lasse Østergaard-Jensen who founded SITE-SECURITY back in 2012.

Varde Municipality is responsible

Although Brorson School was closed as a primary school in the summer of 2021, vandalism and intruders are a problem that must be taken seriously. Since the closure, the site has been used for various purposes. Right now, some of the premises are being used as a collection point for Ukraine. In addition, the school still houses its old furniture until it is auctioned off. It is therefore problematic that there is now broken glass on some of the furniture.

Henning Lindenberg feels that the Brorson School has become a meeting place for young people. It is not the first time that the school has been vandalised. This time, however, it is more extreme, with many broken windows and a shattered roof.

It is important that Brorsonskolen does not become a place where people can do what they want. Until the demolition is started by a demolition company, Varde Municipality is responsible for the place, Henning concludes.


Site-Security is a security company with its own factory, service and security centre in Esbjerg. The company's primary product is camera masts that are rented out as subscriptions with a connection to the company's own manned security centre.

As a green solution, SITE-SECURITY also rents out fences on a subscription basis.

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