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2 boys climb over the fence of a school construction site

As a market leader in active monitoring of construction sites, it is our responsibility to make sure that our customers' construction sites are safe and protected from intruders. This is not only to protect the site and its equipment, but also to avoid injuries to people who take the risk and try to enter the site.

In the video above, you can see two young boys climbing over a construction site fence and trying to get onto the roof of the building. But luckily, our manned call center switched on the sirens of the monitoring mast and the boys were scared and quickly escaped from the construction site.

This is a classic example of why it is so important to have the right safety measures in place. Construction sites can be dangerous places, especially for people who are not authorized to be there. There can be large machinery, hazardous substances and potential pitfalls, all of which can pose a risk to people without the right training and safety equipment.

We specialize in providing surveillance solutions for construction sites that can help reduce the risk of theft, vandalism and unauthorized access. Our surveillance masts are equipped with cameras that cover the entire area and can detect movement and activity on the construction site.

It is important to emphasize that construction sites are dangerous places and it is important to take safety seriously. By renting our surveillance masts, you can ensure that your construction site is protected from unauthorized access and potential hazards.

Contact us today to learn more about our surveillance solutions and how we can help protect your construction site.

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