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Stolen goods worth DKK 1 million found in forest

These were the words of an article published by TV2 after a large number of inverters stolen from a solar cell plant in Southern Jutland were found in a forest.

After this burglary, the customer contacted SITE-SECURITY to have a security solution installed at this plant. In this way, the customer can ensure that it does not happen again. We often hear from the industry that when a construction site has had a burglary, the next one comes not long after. This usually happens because the thief knows the site and knows that the valuables have been replaced again.

At SITE-SECURITY, we do everything we can to prevent burglaries for our customers. In addition to signage and large masts, we use sirens, loudspeakers and lights/flashes to scare away thieves. This way, they never get close to the customer's valuables and never find out what is hiding in the containers.

By scaring off the thieves before they break in, the customer also avoids having to install new locks and check that all materials are still on site.

So by preventing burglaries on construction sites, we save our customers a lot of money and wasted time.

Do you also need a customised security solution for your construction site? Then contact SITE-SECURITY today and have a chat about how we can best secure your construction site.

Contact SITE-SECURITY here:

👉Phone + 45 88 80 84 48


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