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Cooperation with security company stops construction site thief in the act

Within 24 hours of Site-Security teaming up with security company Inter Security for active perimeter security, the first thief was apprehended.

Specifically, the security companies Inter Security ApS and Site-Security A/S have entered into a sales partnership. Inter Security wants to offer their customers the smart technology, services and hardware that Site-Security has developed.

For us, the cooperation makes a lot of sense, says Kim Andersen, co-owner of Inter Security. He elaborates: we are both in the security business and our customers have many similarities. I think that Site-Security's product complements our security services very well.

That is why Site-Security and Inter Security have now entered into a partnership. When Inter Security is out talking to customers anyway, they can now also offer subscriptions to Site-Security's camera masts for active surveillance.

In addition to making a profit from each subscription, we are also betting that this will give us more guard deployments. The alert from a manned guard centre is only really worth something together with the threat of a physical guard showing up, says Kim.

It took less than 24 hours for Lasse Østergaard-Jensen (left) and Kim Andersen (right) to reach an agreement before the first thief was caught.

This is where the primary difference between traditional "dead" monitoring and active monitoring lies, confirms Lasse Østergaard-Jensen, founder of Site-Security.

Fast guarding

The close cooperation has other advantages too. In cases where a physical guard is needed, the cooperation will further reduce the response time. In area security, time is of the essence, say Kim and Lasse unanimously.

At Smedevej in Sædding, Site-Security has a factory, an office and its own security centre. The company specialises in active surveillance. Site-Security produces camera masts that are installed in outdoor areas throughout Denmark. The masts send live footage to Site-Security's own manned monitoring centre. In case of intruders within the security hours, the guard takes over the control of the mast to call intruders through, turn on the siren and bright LED lights. In rare cases, this is not enough to put the intruder's mind at rest. That's exactly what happened on the night of Thursday, March 24, 2022.

At 03:33, our dispatch center received an alert. The camera mast had spotted intruders on one of the construction sites we secure here in Esbjerg, says Lasse Østergaard-Jensen from Site-Security. The guard alerts the person and turns on the siren. As the person does not leave the construction site, our guard immediately contacts Inter Security. They of course immediately drive out to the site where they apprehend the person.

A few seconds after I get the call from Site-Security, I drive out to the construction site. The woman is still on the site. So I make a civil arrest of her and call the police, says Kasper, a security guard at Inter Security. Kasper adds: the woman was wearing a face mask, gloves and various tools. It's not uncommon to find that kind of stuff on a thief. Because we managed to apprehend the woman before a theft took place, she could not be charged.

Visits by intruders should not be felt

Although the incident did not lead to a charge, Lasse from Site-Security sees it as a good sign.

It actually means that our work has been successful. We ensure that theft does not happen at all. When the thief hasn't even had time to destroy anything, the workmen probably don't even notice anything different when they come in the following morning. Instead, they just get on with the day's work. With no time wasted on repairs, recoveries and reports, Lasse concludes.

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