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Danish security company with effective fight against construction site theft

A unique collaboration has just celebrated its one-and-a-half-year birthday. One and a half years ago, the housing development company Bonava joined forces with the security company SITE-SECURITY to eliminate burglary on their construction sites. With huge success as a result.

Bonava, which with 2,100 employees and activities in 8 countries is one of Northern Europe's leading companies in housing development and i.a. is known for the construction of Krøyers Plads at Christianshavn and Havnevigen at Islands Brygge, joined forces in June 2018 with the Esbjerg-based active security company SITE-SECURITY to prevent burglary and theft at Bonava's Danish construction sites.

One and a half years after the launch of the collaboration, both Bonava and SITE-SECURITY can look back on an extremely successful period. 8 Bonava projects have been provided with active security and monitoring solutions from SITE-SECURITY. A total of 14,400 alarms from the 13 security units have been processed and uninvited guests have been notified as many as 720 times and all times successfully. Therefore, the collaboration now boasts a success rate of 100% and thus no thefts from Bonava's construction sites despite many burglary attempts during the time SITE-SECURITY has been a security and monitoring partner.

Peter Laursen, Procurement Business Partner at Bonava, talks about the collaboration. Like all other construction sites, we experienced a large increase in the number of burglaries and thefts from our construction sites, with large costs as a result. We came across solutions from SITE-SECURITY with several of our competitors and after a good and constructive dialogue with Lasse from SITE-SECURITY, the first units were installed on the first of April 2018, after which we have had no uninvited guests on our construction sites.

About the success rate, says Lasse Østergaard Jensen “ With Denmark's fastest reaction times, a fantastically strong team and state-of-the-art equipment, we have not yet experienced theft or vandalism at our several hundred locations throughout the country and Sweden with our active security system. Therefore, it does not surprise me that we have great success at Bonava "and continues " It worries me deeply that today we live in a society where there is so much theft from construction sites, several studies indicate that most thefts happen at night but however, also that persons with access to construction sites commit thefts of tools and materials. At SITE-SECURITY, we help prevent this problem as our security solutions are all proactive and active 24 hours a day. ”

Peter Laursen says about the importance of the collaboration. We have put an end to theft in our places and via SITE-SECURITY's Timelapse function we also have full documentation for the development of the projects. We warmly recommend SITE-SECURITY to our colleagues in the industry and hope together we can put an end to the negative development burglaries and thefts related to construction sites have been in recent years.

The latest in the collaboration is the implementation of SITE-SECURTY's latest product De-Fence Systems, an electronic access control system with automatic gate solutions, controlled by personal access cards with long-range RDIF tags, RFID scanners on site and a well-designed and advanced customer portal from which all functions can controlled. A system both parties expect great effect from.

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